A mix of traditional and modern cuisine

While we stay true to the traditional recipes and the relaxed atmosphere, our restaurant also aspires to constantly add fusion-style.

ButtKarahi restaurant is just like life: a working mix of old and new approaches, but in culinary business.”


What people are saying about our restaurant

Anyone, who visits our place leaves us well fed and in a great mood!

Best ambiance for family and food taste is very good specially its karahi but over all very good service.Took the family to taste the world famous Butt Karahi.

Danyal Saleem

posted on, Lahore

The prices are as good as the menu! Each time I spend less money, than anywhere else and get a fresh, tasty, homemade dinner!

Asma Bukhari

posted on, Lahore

My friends, who go here every week highly recommended this place to me. Now, I visit it each day after work, though it takes me 5 more minutes to walk. But it’s totally worth it!

Zainab Shah

posted on, Lahore